Free Download :
Get the best complete video analysis tool !
9,99€ / season:
Get an unlimited access to our tutorials
One-shot payment

Free Download :
Get the complete video analysis tool !
9,99€ / season:
Get an unlimited access to our tutorials
One-shot payment

Analysis and progress

The tutorials we offer

Shooting :

Discover our training program and watch our video clips to get the best pictures before analyzing.

Analysis :

Follow our assessment guidelines about rider position and horse functioning and do it yourself afterwards.
By using Nowkey you


Ckeck your performance with out tutorials to learn the reference points for rider and horse functionning.


As a reference, the tutorials will help you editing your own videos to get your improvement options !


Once you have all features in mind, you just have to apply it under real circumstances. So saddle up !
Nowkey helps you to move forward in…
Nowkey helps you to move forward in…




Nowkey deals not only with video analysis
Video analysis but not just ...
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Nowkey is above all the playful pedagogy for the youngest.
How are professionals involved ? No worry, Nowkey also thinks about you !

Nowkey, the best team ever
Still questions ? We provide you the answers below with our FAQ
  • Nowkey
    • What is Nowkey ?
      • Nowkey is the first equestrian video analytics application 🎥. Thanks to Nowkey, you can analyze your performance anywhere and whenever ! You just have to be filmed riding horse/working with your horse. Then you can analyze your video with the tutorials or with your riding instructor. 🤩😍
    • Does Nowkey work on my device?
      • Nowkey works on IOS on IPhones from IPhone 5SE and IPads from IPad Air. 😍
        Nowkey doesn’t work on IPhone 3GS/4/4S/5/5S and on IPad Mini.
        A release for Android smart phones and tablets will bring out in few months 👍🤗. If you want to try it before and for free, contact us 😜 :
    • How do I contact Nowkey ?
      • You can contact us via our Social Networks or via our email 😜🤩 :
  • Subscription
    • How can I sign up?
      • For the first time, you need to create an ID. You can sign up with your phone number or through/via your Facebook account. For the next uses you can sign in by entering your ID and your password ! 😉🤗
    • My Nowkey account
      • Your Nowkey account lets you to use the application. Nowkey works on up to all your devices (no limits 😉). Your file is device specific. So your video and your snapshot wont appear on all your devices. 😜
    • I don’t want to receive Nowkey’s SMS
      • Keep calm, its easy 😜. Go to “Settings” and turn off “Push Notifications”.
    • How can I change my password?
      • Go to “Settings”, choose “Change my Password” and enter your new password. 😃
    • How do I renew?
      • You pay only one season by one season. At the end of a season, you just have to tap on/touch a tutorial to renew😉. Indeed a pop-up will appear asking you if you want to pay for the next season.🤗
    • How do I cancel?
      • After subscribing, you have 14 days to cancel. Don’t forget to activate the cancellation in your Apple account.😜
  • Pricing
    • What can I get for free?
      • You can download Nowkey and sign up for free😍. You can use the video features/functionalities ( recording, annotation, share…) freely.😍
    • What I have to pay?
      • If you want to see the tutorials you have to pay. You pay for all the season’s tutorials. Tutorials are published throughout the season.😍
    • How much is it?
      • Accessing to all the tutorials of a season costs 9,99€ (including taxes). 😍🤩👍
    • What payment methods do you accept?
      • You pay by one bank transfer via your Apple account.😉
  • Using
    • How can I film/shoot myself?
      • Above all/firstly, ASK SOMEONE to film/shoot you 😊🤣😜😜!
        The first rule is to film with landscape mode. Go on your web site to see more rules !!😜
    • How to/can I change the language on Nowkey?
      • There are French🇫🇷, English🇬🇧 and German🇩🇪 version/release of Nowkey. Nowkey is automatically downloaded in the version that corresponds to the language of your Apple device👍. If you want to change the language, change it on your Apple’s Settings.

        The English version is automatically downloaded for the other countries (neither French-speaking, nor English-speaking nor German-Speaking).😊
    • Does Nowkey work in landscape mode?
      • You can use the landscape mode to film (recommended !😉) or to watch the tutorial. But to analyze your video (annotate, compare with other videos, comment,…), you need to use your device in portrait.👍🏻🤗
    • Where can I find my videos?
      • Your videos are saved on the application. You can find it in “my videos/movies”. A video is solely saved on the device which takes the video.👍🤗😜
    • If I delete a video…
      • If you delete a video, it will be definitively deleted of your device🙃. However, the snapshots of this video will not be deleted. They still be in snapshots even if the video is deleted.😍🤩
    • Can I use Nowkey without internet connection?
      • Yes, you can ! But BE CAREFUL😱, first you need to be connected to the Internet when you open the app. You will use it without connection!😍
  • Tutorials
    • How does a tutorial look like?
      • A tutorial is composed by two videos: the “recording video” and the “analysis video”.
        There are 4 levels of tutorials. Tutorials exist for Dressage, Jumping and Eventing.😍🤩
    • What is the « recording video » in my tutorials?
      • The “recording video” describes you an exercise depending on your level and the discipline you want. All the informations (material, steps, speed..) you need to realize the exercise are detailed. The horse rider in the video analysis realize the same exercise. 🎥
        It also shows you where the person who films has to be for the best recording.😍
    • What is the « analysis video » in my tutorials?
      • The horse rider in those videos realizes the exercise described in the “recording video”. The performance of the reference couple horse rider/horse is analyzed and annotated. You can refer to the “bons observables chez le cavalier et le cheval” identified to analyze your performance. 💪🤩
    • How many tutorials in one season (September to June)?
      • 2 or 3 tutorials are published per months. At the end of the year, you will access to approximately fifteen tutorials. So one tutorial costs less than 1 €!👍🤗😘🤩
    • Are/is there other disciplines than Jumping, Eventing and Dressage?
      • For the first year, only those three disciplines are available. Do not hesitate to tell us what disciplines you would like for the season 2 😉😘 :
  • Analyze
    • How can I analyze myself?
      • 2 options…
        • Ask you riding instructor🤩: your instructor can analyze your performance by using the annotation features (dessins du bought des doigts, comments…)
        • Analyze yourself😍: compare your video to the tutorial. Realize the exercise described in “the recording video” for a better analyze.
    • How can I annotate my videos?
      • Watch the video and touch the button with a pencil. A screenshot of your video is taken. You can draw on the screen shapes (square, circle, angle..) to see the highlights of your performance.

        Many options are available: colors, line thickness.😍😍

        Don’t forget to save your annotation. You can find it on your “snapshots”😉
    • How do I view my progress?
      • You can compare your video with your old videos and see if you have progressed !😍🤗👍
    • What is « snapshot »?
      • You will find here all your screenshot of your video with your annotation.😋
  • Share
    • How can I share my videos?
      • You can’t share the entire video. But you can share via Social Networks or email your snapshots.🤗
    • Can I import a video on my camera roll into Nowkey?
      • You can’t import a video from your device. But if your are interested in this option, let us know😜😋 :
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